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Casino Dortmund

Dortmund – is one of the largest cities in Germany, which is located in the western part of the country in the federal states Rhine-Westphalia. Being for many years one of the most important industrial centers in Westphalia, in recent years the city has become a center of excellence, with a very extensive and well-developed infrastructure. So, if earlier, this area was famous for the steel industry, breweries and mining of coal, today it is an important commercial and economic center, the predominant direction of the development of which is the processing of information and services.

Casino Dortmund Hoenziburg is the most profitable gambling establishment in the country and one of the leaders in Europe. Each year more than one million people visit this casino, which opened two years after the start of the construction. On three floors of entertainment complex located Las Vegas World, hall in which more than 300 slot machines and classic casino games – baccarat, American roulette, blackjack and poker. In addition, the club game is also a cultural institution in the city, and a place with excellent gastronomy. Especially a lot of people accumulates in the halls when the jackpot reaches a higher amount.

The most famous entertainment places of the city, still remains Casino Dortmund, which is one of the largest in the state. On three floors of a beautiful historic building located variety of game room. Fans of classic games of chance will be very interesting on the first floor where there are roulette and card tables. On the second floor there is a world of Las Vegas, and only the third – the room with slot machines. Every year it’s the gambling establishment is visited by millions of tourists. Some of them come here to try their luck, while others prefer to just walk through the halls of the legendary gaming house and satisfy their curiosity.

For those who love fun and active outdoor recreation is sure to please Vestfalenpark. On the territory of the park there is a beautiful picnic area and playground for children, as well as a rose garden, which is several thousand varieties of rare roses. In summer, vacationers prefer pastime on picnics, hiking trip in the picturesque park in the winter ice-skating rink here, and you can rent skis. More on the territory’s Florianturm tower on the roof that are equipped with a spacious observation deck. Inspection of the panorama of the city is a popular attraction among travelers.
Most of the attractions located inside the ring, which are located on the site of ancient trees. First information about this town is mentioned in 885, under the name of Trautmann. In 1220 he was declared a free imperial city of the Hanseatic and endowed with the right to mint coins and market trade. The prosperity of the city marked the end of the Thirty Years’ War and the turmoil of the Napoleonic era. A new stage of development began in the nineteenth century, due to coal mining and steel production.
Since then, the city survived four castles and old churches that were built in the era of Karolinska and Saxon dynasties. The most famous cultural institutions are ranked as a museum of cultural history and art of brewing, as well as the Westphalian Industrial Museum. In this city, a lot of educational institutions, scientific research institutions.

Almost half of the city is engaged in green areas: gardens, parks and forests. Since 2002, there operates a saltwater aquarium with 20 pools.

The city is famous for its brewing, it exists here since 1293. Six breweries produce more than 7 million hectoliters of beer (it is the second largest in the world). It is also known for its racecourse. The first casino in Dortmund appeared in the mid-1980s.

Casinos in Germany

All in Germany there are more than 126 casinos. All are located in different federal states (16 of which in Germany) and, accordingly, are subject to different gambling legislation. For example, the power of each land themselves set the age limit for the visitors gambling and casino time. Therefore, if in Bavaria gambling are people under 21 years, in Berlin, the entrance to the casino is open to players from the age of 18.
However, all of the casinos in Germany combines two general rules: the control of visitors and the incredibly high tax rates (more than 80% of income is deducted by the state).

The first casino in Germany was opened in the city of Wiesbaden, the capital of the state of Hesse. This happened in 1771. This institution, in addition, which is the oldest gambling establishments in the top ten casinos in Europe. In this gambling place, visitors are offered a standard set of casino games: American roulette, blackjack, poker, etc.

Modern casinos Germany

Casino in Baden-Baden has also been built a long time ago (in the years 1821-1824), and so far it’s a gambling establishment is known for its popularity. He was even considered to be one of the best in the world. Its gaming rooms reflect the style of the palace of French kings, and it certainly distinguishes this from other gambling establishment. It can play a variety of games of chance, enjoy fine cuisine in the restaurant and visit a dance hall. At the time of this casino rested such literary geniuses as Dostoyevsky, Tolstoy, Gogol, U.S. presidents Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, Arab sheiks and many other celebrities.Despite the fact that the casino in Germany in Baden-Baden is open to visitors for almost a year (except for 7 days), this city is called the summer capital of gambling in Europe. Entrance to the casino is allowed only to people over 21 years and if they have the appropriate clothing (it can be rented at the casino) and proof of identity.


With regard to the German capital, there are 2 major casino: Spielbank Berlin and Casino Berlin. The first of the casinos located on Potsdamer Platz and includes 4 game room. Here you can have fun playing poker, slot machines, bingo, blackjack, baccarat, etc. The second casino located on the Alexanderplatz in the Park Inn Hotel on 37 floor and offers visitors a range of games such as poker, blackjack, French and American roulette.

Every day is a casino in Germany Bremene.Eto gambling establishment takes place in one of the oldest buildings of the city built in 1906. It is available games such as slots (over 130), Poker (4 tables), American Roulette (5 tables) and Blackjack (2 tables).

Casino in Dresden on Prager resumed its activities after repairs in 2006. For his design was chosen style of New Orleans. The area occupied by the casino is 400 square meters. Visit this gambling establishment All students over 18 years. It operates every day of the week except Friday. Over the entrance to the casino of charge. Attention players it offered nearly 100 different slot machines.

In nearly every casino in Germany at the input is required to show a passport or any other identification document. Also, in all casinos are strictly related to the appearance of visitors (sports clothing is not suitable to visit these places of entertainment). In some casinos input is available only to members of the club. And in some other casino entrance to the institution accompanied by a signed promissory note.

The most popular casino games in Germany – baccarat, blackjack, poker and roulette (and their variants).

History of casino


When and where there gambling, hard to say. But their origin, there are many traditions, legends and fantasies. Probably gambling originates from fights in strength and agility in which participants and spectators (fans) are betting on the outcome. Those who did not have enough strength and skill to take part in such competitions, found solace in other games … From ancient history known stories about how to dispute a bone tossed into the air – which side it will fall to the ground. Hence, apparently, any bone (cubic)

Gambling born a long time ago. When the wealthy estates of the Greeks and Romans rested or were treated by mineral springs. The first games were just reckless character. Gradually spread resorts that have already rooted spirit of gambling. The rich and famous citizens have not imagined the high life without gambling. Games spread through Europe to the XVIII century. Authorities began to impose taxes on casinos. In 1626, he was first legalized gambling house in Venice. The tradition of all business meetings conducted in “small houses» «Casini». There were playing cards, where we talk about politics, and even enjoyed intimate services. The church has a negative attitude to such homes and dubbed them “vice” and “curse.” With the emergence of gambling appeared the first bans on them. In the Middle Ages against gambling were the rulers and priests: preached, outlawing the production of dice – but these attempts failed, which once again confirms the strength of the rod person to gamble game.

The word “roulette” is derived from the French “roulette” – wheel. Probably not accurate historical references to the origin of this game. There are various theories. One of them attributes the invention of the roulette French philosopher and mathematician Pascal XVII century, which held a series of experiments in an attempt to create a perpetual motion machine. But I had in mind was to use gambling to the results of their experiments. Apparently someone else came up with the good idea to use this device in a purely commercial point of view.
For the first time in the casino for a special wheel with numbered slots and the ball was used in the precursor to the modern roulette game called “The Hawk.” These early varieties of roulette wheels were much rougher and more primitive than modern, well-balanced and centered devices. In the XVIII century in France opened a casino with the game in the “Hoku”. Profits from the casino was extremely high, as Three of the 40 nests were marked “0″ (zero), and when the ball fell into one of them, took away all bets institution …

Louis de Bonaparte first visited one of the gambling establishments in Paris. The first time such institution has received official approval. In the nineteenth century the institution became safer. Customers are no longer afraid of fights irascible players. Appeared service, improved the interior. Security at the entrance was the only let well-dressed gentlemen. There have been myths about the states acquired and lost in one night. Games have become a hobby, and gambling houses where should ever play any wealthy person.

The small state of Monaco was in financial difficulties in 1860. Franz Blanc, who resided in Monaco, offered his state to open a casino to improve the financial situation of the state. After three years, opened a center for “Monte Carlo”, which today is one of the most luxurious and well-known places. Asian cities Saigon and Macau have become centers of gambling. In 1899, there was such a thing as a “private rooms.” In these rooms were possible unlimited stakes in a quiet environment.

Prior to 1932, the U.S. has banned gambling and entertainment venues. But across the country there were still illegal gaming association. Benjamin Siegel after the ban was lifted, the father of modern Las Vegas. Currently, the city is renowned as the world’s entertainment capital.